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Report to QLC Research society
Length: 1000 words
Author: Shakeel Ahmad*

Every advocate prepare three basic stages before going to court
• Know the law
• Know the facts of the case
• Tries to know the judge
But a competent lawyer prepare some extra things
Every person in this world has its own thoughts and concepts and in this world of competition that person tries to covert his thoughts into reality and the competent or successful person is that who succeed in converting most of his thoughts into reality. Perfection is with God(ALLAH).
A competent lawyer not only know the law also know where the law is.
For be a competent lawyer it is necessary to keep his self-up-to-date on his/her area of law and also beware of new developments of law ,for be a competent lawyer should take time from the court for those questions having no answers and should find the solution through research from books, law websites(google) etc.
And must be able to look a legal issue from all the sides of case for best solutions.
For be a competent lawyer you should have to do a lot of relevant questions to his/her client and access to the actual facts of case and your intention must be is in detail of the case. And you also should available every time for their clients and it is necessary to you respect to your clients
for be a competent lawyer you should have excellent oral communication skills, speak respectfully with court and also speak confident with their clients when court questioning to you then you should think a minute then give reply. you must keep eye contact with judge and do effort to convince to him.
court staff is also valuable for you and you can build relation with them and get the lot of information and when you are with other lawyers you should be able to learn experienced things and exchange their ideas with them. you should be honest with the court ,clients and with your friends. a competent lawyer must have maintain the high level ethics and must show uniqueness in the court by your uniform and attitude.
having command on law also can determine the fact with relevant laws. and have command on rebuttal grounds and avoid the emotional arguments and also avoid on giving personal opinion. you should give the arguments which relates to the status ,constitution ,sections, articles or prescient and also speak arguments with reasons and fairness and keeping positive attitude in the court.

in court proceeding rational questioning to witnesses of opposite and confuse to him with your advocasy art.
a good writing skills and knowledge about all the fields also necessary to be a competent lawyer and understand all type of writings.
making the networking with your societies and with your friends etc. and invite them atleast a cup of tea whatever you want, and in gathering inspire them with your conversation and i guaranteed they will refer you cases,and when they need a lawyer.



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Mr. Shakeel Ahmad is a practicing lawyer in Lahore. Mr. Shakeel’s expertise essentially lies in tax litigation and corporate setups having established various small and large scale companies and partnership firms. Mr. Shakeel is also on the panel as a legal advisor of various establishments ranging from sectors of food, dealership businesses, distribution setups and others. Apart from being a practicing lawyer, Mr. Shakeel also has an experience of disseminating domestic law and international human rights as part of a law clinics program in the suburban areas of Lahore.